Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



Pray for a garden of harmony and peace
Pull out the weeds and dream in your sleep
Shovel the trash that from sidewalk spills
Like a Nature lover gather dried leaves.

Stumble with kindness through the streets
Feed the hungry and give them a treat
Comfort the tired , sick or old you meet
Guide the lost and sow good deeds.

With each breath in,believe in justice
With each breath out, hope and cherish
Faith in humanity intact seems foolish
Discrimination and inequality only perish.

Pray for drivers and everyone riding on a bus
When you walk to your your car for your work
That nothing blows our legs and skulls
Waiting in a queue is also where danger lurks.

A world where life is gambled everyday
Fighting hostility gently is the only way
Cruelty creates scars forever to stay
The Earth revolves on wheels to pray.

Pray to whoever you believe is divinity
Pray to the creator for entire humanity
Singing the choir with universal melody
Pen a song to conduct a peace symphony.

Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright reserved.



Life is an Odyssey not to be missed,
Every moment should be cherished with bliss.
Troubles, tribulations are challenges to be dealt,
To make us stronger for higher goals to set.

Gloomy feelings have to be removed,
As the dawn’s glow amidst darkness proved.
Grudge and guilt are not to be frozen,
Warmth of understanding brings fine revision.

Forget and forgive everyone freely to tread
Life is too short for anything to dread.
Like all seasons embrace myriad shades,
Rejoice light with shadow as trades.

Love life like a blind inside out,
Emotions don’t stand a chance in extremity bout,
Blackout all negativity with positive response,
Smiling through deception is best defence.

Don’t waste time on hatred and revenge,
Ignore and walk away with a tolerant fence.
Emotions and feelings are just mind game,
With intelligence and wisdom easily tame.

Churn all violent emotions and dip them in ocean of love,
Be free from prejudices fly with peaceful dove.
Turn the table on enmity befriend all around,
Together rejoice in bliss with kindness surround.

Jyotirmaya Thakur©®.



Diwali the most awaited Hindu festival,
Celebrated with lights,family reunion treats,
Auspicious prosperity, Joyful activities, 
Shopping clothes,eatables, gifts, sweets.

The one thing we forget is our own country,
Blindly purchase lamps,tea candles for divinity,
L.E.D. light strings,crackers,plastic facilities,
Forget all that money goes to other country’s treasury.

Diwali was to be celebrated with clay lamps traditionally,
Handmade by Artisans with their birth soil,
Cheap, still choose to spend exorbitantly,
Affecting environment, neglect local toil.

This Diwali let us come together with a purpose,
Boycott all extra lights wasting precious resources,
Conserve energy by not plugging in electric sockets
Celebrate traditionally bringing our culture a step closer.

Diwali means to be in present moments,
Dropping regrets of past,worries of future segments,
Forgive the bickering, negativity of bygone year,
Throw light on wisdom gained,overcome fears.

Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright reserved.


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