TI AMO BAMBINO / Maria Dulce Leitao Reis


I know you’re almost here
Your footsteps are already echoing in my heart
By the way, I don’t leave the door closed

You lay naked next to me

Cautious and enigmatic
You hugged me around the waist
You whispered sweet words in my ear

I wasn’t sleeping …
But I pretended to be asleep

That , made me feel good
And this warmth aroused me
As if hidden
Doing something sinful …
I felt against my naked body
Your carnal desire
I felt your excitement
In the wheezing and warm breath …
Your hands, firm and soft
Exploring my moist and lascivious body
Caused shivers and tremors
Leaving me electrified!
My pores
Blocked with desire, they betrayed me …

After all, you knew that I was awake

Angels came from the sky
Playing the violin
We made love through dawn
To the sound of the song
Ti amo bambino

@Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
All Copyrights Reserved 06/11/18


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