Poems by Bipul Kalita

Poems by Bipul Kalita



When a pregnant sky drops life
the earth grows green
to enrich romances,
and, likewise
I notice changes in lovely eyes
hanging about a thousand skies.

But I know not how I’ll interpret it
if a non-poetic mind
with pedantic spectacles
and stern realistic lenses
pauses and eyes my feelings.

Still I adore loveliness
and its purity
seeking nothing in return
knowing nothing
vowing nothing
to do with the naked realities
that fail to touch my soft heart.



Ours is a time of temptations,
Satan’s journey
to Eden
to contrast divine love matters
dividing our faith into tiny pieces
challenging voices of hearts
patching and pasting
haughty might
gawky sight
to put our flexible minds
into the cages of sinful desires.

Powerful fingers contrast love
failing to cope with peace
but excel in temptations
with expectations
to exploit
our soft corners
kept carelessly for goodness
and, often mislead us carefully.s

Encountering such ill minds
is a common drill
to fill or, to kill
innocence with suspicions
that infect the roots of life
silently but not abruptly at all;
and I’ve been hit many times
for trying to separate milk from water.

Copyright@Bipul Chandra Kalita,28/10/2018


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