Poems by  Rajashree Mohapatra

Poems by  Rajashree Mohapatra
As the night falls
In deep woods nightingales glow
In loneliness tears flow
Sleepless night , long for eternal love .
Deeply wounded moon bleeds
My heart beats its wings
In the Wilderness flow wild streams.
Cutting deep on its bed with endless turning .
Life tumbles in a cascade of tears
In deep ocean on the oyster bed
A pearl of heavenly quest
Searching for the eternal nest .
Copyright @Rajashree Mohapatra 2018
All Rights Reserved by Poet.
In deep silence
Life rejoice
The ceaseless moan
Of the savage ocean
I am in veil
Singing to the night
Voice of the heart
Music of His lyre at its height.
Aeons and aeons fell
Passions of flowers bloom
In the night of its own shadow
With flame of wildfire.
In silence tide adores
The lofty mountains
Mist on its breasts
Shine in a cloudless sky .
Flaming breathe
Gives life
Flower passions
In divine light.
Life vibrates
Love takes roots
Dreams smile
Capture the eyes
True love finds the ways .
Savage Wind adores waves
Misty rivers touch heaven
Moon glitters in my tears
The song of cosmos in my voice.
Copyright @Rajashree Mohapatra 
All Rights Reserved by Poet.

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