Poem by Sher Ali Khan 

Poem by Sher Ali Khan 



When summer days come
Feelings are sweet for everyone
When the earth drinks rain
And fields turn green
In orchards I’ll be seen

Oft at night too , I go there
When the moon in splendour rides
And cool airs stirs the leaves
I lay myself in sweet grass
Bathe my limbs in dew

In the morn thats where I wake
To a brilliant Sun, bursting the sky
The air scented with fruity aroma
Look upon tree limbs resin ribbed
And fruit promising not to cheat

Ripe and juicy looks the fruit
Tempting pears, peaches and plums
That say – look and smell not
This feast of delight
Eat ! Come take a bite !

So take me to orchards
Wreathed and winding
Sweet fruit and tender shoot
There to find fulfillment
In bud , leaf and fruit

Bury me under a sweet pear tree
Touch not twig nor branch
Except for a breeze to dance
Let it spread its shade
Where my weary head is laid .

Sher Ali Khan 

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