Poems by Sethi Krishan Chand

Poems by Sethi Krishan Chand



In this world,on this earth
everything, every creature,
every subject or object
originates with an
unknown purpose ,
unpredicted utility,
unforeseen aim ,

It is we who make them
purposeful, needful,
useful and resourceful.
according to
our necessity,
our utility
our creativity;

For what I was born?
nobody knows
except my parents;
Since they had a motive
to produce a child,
for their purpose
I came into this world.

Every little thing,
born or originated
on this earth,
ever used, ever utilized
for a cause, for a motive ,
for a purpose
and a utility;

To make a staircase,
we use simple logs on
both sides with sticks
fixed between each other;
But it will be purposeful
only when its steps are kept at required distance.

Every living or non living
thing on this globe, has
its own importance,
its own characteristics,
its own value, if it is made
purposeful and useful.

KC Sethi,(c)2017


How Long ?

I can feel the touch
of your knock
at my heart
when you enter in to;

But never sense
your walk
when you leave me

Why don’t you
kiss me
before you leave
to make me aware;

How long a dead
will keep its eyes
open to
notice an exit ?

kc sethi(c) 2018


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