Moonlight Peace Shadows / Poem by Sher Ali Khan 

Poem by Sher Ali Khan 


Moonlight Peace Shadows

My laces are loose
There is a hole in my shoe
My peace and happiness, alive
Comes and goes like a tide
Sometimes near
Like warm milky breath
Sometimes far
Like a wintry star

We chilling in a mountain forest
Owls a scaring
Music is blaring
Gary Moore – Still got the blues
Playing air guitar
Dancing on a rock
Ha, don’t be shocked
Below me , naked witchy woman
Blowing up a fire
Dancing to stir my desire
Don’t know if we drunk or stoned
Or just high on life

I’m sucking peace
From thoughts of nostalgia
A sweet and sour lollipop
Let me expand
Give you the drop
It’s the summer solstice
Don’t know
If Jupiter aligns with Mars
Moon is breaking mind bars
In the valley below
I’m watching Moon shadows
Cast by clouds
Trailing in the wind
And i’m wondering
If my clouds of joy and regret
On the Sea of Tranquillity is met

In one such of my shadows
Resides memories of you
Her -you , not you -you
Mon Ange , mon Ami
The peace she infused
On then mister obtuse
Her gift of listening
To my complaints and admission
My sorrows and mourning
Temptations and failures
Open ear and heart in love
Not one deed missing
All absorbed in the aura
Of her goodness
Like water in the desert sand
Released from me
With a hug and a kiss
Sometimes I feel
That in releasing me from me
She freed herself for the grave
The friendly ghost at my side
Just like her
To think I need a ghost
That gross ?

In the valley is a hamlet
Sample of the world
I wonder what is the scaffold
Framework of their reality
Affliction of their belief
If suppressed curiosity
Will abandon them
When the truth smacks them
And they have to rely
On what their senses report
Might never happen now
Take generations
And I wish my ghost of you
Becomes real again
To lead them from untruth
In love and understanding

Now , however
Witchy woman changes music
Main Ingredients
Just Don’t want to be lonely
Look at her
As she looks at me
So lissome, full breasts and thighs
She’s dancing around my rock
I’m on an altar of love
Smell sweet perspiration
Mixed with the hot breath
Of sexual excitement
Does being my friend offend you?
Are you open to ideas of affinity?
I want to be loved
Needed .
Artwork @copyright Elpida Karta

@Sher Ali Khan 

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