Messeges of love / Poem by Ljubinko JELIĆ

Ljubinko Jelić was born in 1932 in the village of Šarani, close to Gornji Milanovac. He graduated from the Faculty of Economy in Belgrade. For some time he lived in Munich. He works in construction and design, and ocasionally publishing.
So far he published: Letters to my love, Below the burning hammers, Wastefield, Sower’s gentleness, the Shine of the miraculous, Ravager before the door, The Magic ring, Above-Below, Closer to the glacier, Architect’s phonebook, Bitter seed, On the edge of the ash field, Building in, Tea for the neighbor, Around the dreamy nest, On another heaven, Angel in a greenhouse, Architect’s diary, Building and illusions, Graceful monophony, Collected poems in four books, Epistles of love.
His works have been translated into German, Romanian, Italian, English, Macedonian, Russian and Check and can be found in several anthologies of Serbian poetry. He has been awarded and is a member of Serbian Literary Society and European Academy for Culture and Art.
The awards he received include: Award of Serbian Literary Society for life’s work; “Ivo Andric” Academy’s International award for life’s work; Recognition of Cultural-educational community of Belgrade for exceptional contribution to the city of Belgrade; “Recognition of Morava” for total contribution to creativity in poetry and award of the Society of Playwrights for total contribution to the culture of Serbia, award in Aprilia (Italy) 2017.
He lives and works in Belgrade.
Messeges of love
My love,
I pray in the silence of solitude in
which my eyes are caged in a drop of blood
and a tear of eternity that ran from Saint
George’s day. Without a trace, I search for
you, gentle and resurrected, on the shores of
love and I call to the dreamy mornings in
the temple of my hands. I kneel before your
name, ornate with starry light and I search
for our shades on the shores of memory.
I love you.
My love,
The rain is tapping over my windows
and washing off the marks of the passed
day. I wish it could take my sorrow too and
the longing for you. Sometimes, moments of
pain come, when the tired soul dreams the
moments of happiness, and time spent with
you. But you are far away. I miss your
magic hands to stop these tears. Don’t let
me be alone and sad. Rains and winds will
take me away. Only these words written to
you will stay. Therefore, I cry for the lonely,
the amorous, awakened, and misunderstood.
You will understand these tears,
because you are reason and consolation in
difficult moments. I will find calmness in
the new dawn, when you hug me, when I
come back or come home. But I don’t know
to whom I belong, to you or the Lord.
I love you.
My love,
I bring these words into the spinning
wheel of desire, in hope they will reach you,
before all, your body, and then your heart. I
take them like a glass of red vine and drink
in the name of our love. Never before did I
have such a need to tell you, openly,
without a grain of shame, my feelings and
thoughts, tell you how my body burns, just
when I think of your body without expensive
clothes. I am wrapped around you like
a braid around the cheeks, and I love when
I am part of your womb. I love you without
stalling and fear, because loving without
taking part in life is a lifeless game.
Therefore I take sex like a game in which
the heart descends to the very sole and the
little toe, and there is no net to protect it
from sinking. And the broken heart accepts
to live like that, beyond moral and
consciousness. I don’t know if
my nightmare will help you to be closer to
dream, but my love sure will.
I love you.
My love,
When I talk about love and giving, it
is the way I love you and give myself to
you. It is the ancient thing: body to body,
soul to soul. And only that way, in that
giving, do we create something ours, we
open and come back to ourselves. I love and
remember every part of your body and the
scent which seduces me, and which I can
feel and invoke every time when I am
without you. I always wanted to share with
somebody that most hidden in me,
expecting they will understand and take
me. And now, while I write this, blood runs
through my body and burns out the fires
which you lit up, but which still smolder in
me. Don’t worry, I love you, and I will
always love and want you. Let me pamper
you and make you happy, because that
makes me happy. Thank the Lord for he
sent you to me.
I love you.
My love,
I will fall asleep tonight, wrapped in
dreams, with your swollen nipple,
immersed in my saliva, sucking that balm,
caressing your hips with fingers reduced
from desire which melts between the lips.
Captured between your legs, in the folds of
soft tissue which burns between the two lips
and the golden grain, without which this
game would be without delirium.
Everything wheezes in us and we need to go
there where we will merge into one and
drink that rosy wine we ordered last night.
We could do many things, because we were
heavenly dust. This will be a sleepless
I love you.
My love,
You said you would be my dawn, my
morn and the eve of my wishes. I would love
that. Your whisper in the magic night
resounds in the heart and awakes my body
which rushes to you. There is no need for
words, because your gentle touch and your
hand on my hips write the most beautiful
poems. You lower your lips to my stomach
and my womanhood opens and takes you
like the biggest gift. Fire spills through my
veins, and our bodies, in the wreath
of happiness, become one. I caress your
beautiful face and in your look and smile I
see my happiness. You and I make eternity.
I love you this night and forever.
My love,
I wanted tonight to descend to the
doorstep of your gate, to not give a damn
for the gardens of Babylon, for every warm
sea and cold winter, to lift your frozen and
impatient nipples, to caress them with a
rose flower in the drops of our restless tears,
to feel from them the magic milk, to make
them melt on the atoll of awakened longing.
In the expression of lust, they are the
atrium of a kingdom pointing at an opened
gate, pointing that we have to go there
where there is no key. And the body calls us
into rattle and fire and into delirium, to
drink the life like evening dew, to hear
again the song of life between your thighs,
again and again in the halls of memories,
when we loved each other.
For a good night, this one,
When I wanted you more than life.
My love,
With no shame nor fear, I offer you my
shivering body, since I know you will ignite
this fire, but you will also quench this
eternal thirst. Lower your lips on my neck,
breasts, and touch my skin like the breeze
and drink all juices I offer you on the feast
of passion and my madness! My body is a
violin and therefore, play the most
beautiful song – ode to life and ancient joy.
Therefore, do not wait, take me and open
the gates to the Garden of Eden! You will
find the rose bud that blossomed for you!
Get drunk on the paradise scent and the
blistering morn! Smile to me, my love!
I love you.

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