Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



Heaven on Earth is where my heart finds solace,
As a child in my father’s lap and mother’s embrace,
In my enchanted idyll home with nature supreme,
Tall trees, birds chirping, garden green lawn with flowers in a dream.

The family temple sacred prayers with fragrant incense and chiming bells,
Chanting scriptures, spiritual thoughts divine tales tells,
My grandmother’s gourmet delicacies aroma appetising fill,
Getting together in twilight hours firm foundations build.

On high Himalayas or alps ,sunrise or sunset tranquil hours,
In backwaters of Kerala or Venice gondola retreats,
Camel rides in deserts or pony rides on beach shores,
Walking in woods or lying in meadows floral fields.

When you forgive someone or when you are generous,
When you withhold judgement and stand for injustice,
Build eternity in our voyage with sacrifice and respect,
Earth is crammed with Heaven, love creates undiminished bliss.

Heaven on Earth is a choice you must make not a place to go,
All beauty of unsurpassed joy and unlimited delights are inside,
Be at peace with your soul, grace and gratitude go together,
Realm of harmony of unending pleasures is within not outside.

Heaven on Earth is in this moment of the day,
Staircase to Heaven is through Earth’s loveliness in eternity,
The heart of human being is not different from the soul of Heaven,
Each moment filled with love and compassion is heavenly opportunity.



On a clear sunny morning,dappled by clouds
Climbed mountain top with brush and easel
Held a magnifying glass over crumpled pages,
Allowing it to focus hot rays in attempt to sizzle.

Staying still on a concentrated beam of energy,
To harness the power of solar synergy,
Push away clouds of pensive thoughts wriggling,
Everyday is meant for everyone smiling.

We are all meant to shine as powerful Sun,
As brilliant, gorgeous, talented fabulous lots,
Multiple rays through lens start fire in one,
Focus on your dreams with powerful thoughts.

Life is a sojourn of adventure to propose,
Try and ignite your wandering ideas in one,
Set before yourself a great life purpose,
When you visualise dreams you have won.

Hidden deep in innermost soul is evidence,
Awaken your ideal soul in transcendence,
Capable of realization by increased resolution,
Painting a sunrise daily in conscious ascendent.



Golden ball of fire stretched wide its wings,
To take a plunge again peacefully in the sea,
Bidding farewell with a kiss on sky’s open lips ,
The sky blushed pink on the horizon you see.

The sunrays dance on tides rising beauty,
As angelic clouds rejoice in lover’s intimacy,
Wandering solemnly in hurry for harmony,
Rushing breezes comfort harsh winds to serenity.

Sun’s soulful journey ends with a divine visage,
Fading soft smile of a beguiling mystic zillion age,
Leading the world to their night of dreamlands,
While bestowing wisdom on the adventurous sands.

The musical symphony of pulsating palettes enforced,
The brilliant sounds of heartbeat phenomenal enfold.
Touching the milestone of life–force daily
Setting a grand gesture of letting go in love heavenly.

A promise of cheer and happiness while dispersing,
Leaving humanity to contemplate in restful peace,
A prayer of forgiveness for a graceful humility,
Saga of revelation will glow on tomorrow’s purity.

When the golden orb goes down it stops to mourn,
Today’s suffering,slights,wrongs in garbage gone,
Despair asleeps to rise with hope in the mom,
Every sunset brings the hope of a new dawn.

Jyotirmaya Thakur,Copyright reserved.


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