THIS IS ME / Poem by Alicia Minjarez Ramírez

Poem by Alicia Minjarez Ramírez


To: M.B. My beloved angel.

This is me!
The woman made
of dreams and illusions
that had been reborn to life
In all aspects.
Who today can not hide
a big smile on her lips
and the brightness
reflected on her glance.
Thanking God
every moment that passes.
Happy, smiling,
full of dreams and blessings!
Just a little crazy!
But, what would be life
without a hint of madness?

I still writing every moment
the story of my life!
Filling daily new blank pages
only with the images
which I decide
on my own script!

I am the master of my fate!

With shooting stars
reflected on my eyes,
I was looking for you!
My only one!
At the night sky full of stars
uplift my prayers to heaven!

This is me!
I don´t speak of hope,
but I convey!
Not more promises
to the horizon at sunset!
I don´t need more desires!
Because now with you
my dear angel
I can dream awake!

My soul is no longer empty,
because my heart is full
of beautiful feelings,
that only you, my true love
can feed and can´t be deleted
with the passage of time.

Today I draw on my lips
a big smile
without artifice: genuine, sincere,
mundane and spiritual!
As the reflection on the mirror
gives me back today,
all my whole world shines!
Leaving back footprints
of a darkened heart

There is not silence
to drown in the stars.
Neither fog densities
of perennial
springs plagued.

Never again
my hands will be empty!
Because today
only with you
my dear angel,
I have been reborn to life!

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