MY GIFT OF GAB / Poem by Timothy PAYTON

Poem by Timothy  PAYTON



I was made to bring praise with My Gift of Gab,
From the higher power that is to be unto woman and man,
Either through speech or by my hands,
It was written by prophecy unto me as his plan;

To use of my given talents, for the good, changing the bad,
To make of so many examples, to watch how they pan,
To bring joy and hope into lost and confused eyes,
To bring A New Perspective into their lives and minds;

For if you have a natural-born talent…
Allow it to flourish free,
For mine or poetry and lyricism which in part were given to me,
Some tell of stories of the heart and loved ones,
Some of Sorrow and turmoil that has happened and what I’ve done;

Some is of my life and my well-being,
Some are from my past, into my future that I’m seeing,
All are portraits of the Mind that came from memories,
Brought to life from my God’s giving creativity;

I’ve been given this gift, for the whole world to see,
And if it’s his will to be then it will be given to thee,
As long as I live, I will see that it will happen,
To bring my Gift of Gab to life into action.


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