Poems by Hassan Basiri

Hassan Basiri
Hassan Basiri is an Iranian poet and English language instructor from Dashtestan County in the south of Iran. His poems has appeared in different journal of literature in Iran and across the borders.
Our kisses
Are being harvested
Little by little
And you think
There’s nothing left to say
This has dreadfully
Assassinated our red and green memories
A scythe of indifference.
When getting lonely at night
Till morning
I lean on the shoulders of your imagination
The fragrance of your body
With every breathe
Putting my lips on yours
On the edge of words’ headlands
My fingers play the Taar
With every fiber of your hair
And the poetry books become useless
When you sing
Your hands are not prayers
They’re welcoming invitations
Looking for an embracement
There has always been something
In you
Looking at me
As if it knows
The story of our kisses.

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