Sweet 16 / Poem by Linda Imbler

Poem by Linda Imbler
Sweet 16
How would human behavior change
if our life expectancy was significantly decreased
to the set age of 16?
Would there be greed if a want went beyond basic needs,
knowing full well they can’t take it with them?
We only imagine as adults
that sometimes we have reached another.
In this shorter life, would we finally begin
to understand each other as only children do?
There would be the same sadness of lost days,
just not as many,
and each reminisce would be just as deeply felt,
at the bend of each year,
as the end draws closer.
Yet, I also imagine
that these children will study shadows
to learn the truth of light,
a wonderful, mystic light
shining on each kid’s unique ties to others.
And, to childhood’s end,
there would be an unusual intensity of seeing,
in love itself, a transformational magic
that only the young can create.


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