A Tribute To Pablo Neruda / Poem by Kamrul Islam

Poem by Kamrul Islam
A Tribute To Pablo Neruda
You could dig the soul of unbeaten sky, dear Maestro!
You knew how the fishes move and copulate,
How the deep sea nurtures storm in her breast.
You knew the psychology of flying fishes,
The artistic staggering and vagaries of swimming.
You knew how the words kept aside can be weaved
So impeccably by the warmth of aesthetic threads.
A poet apart, a diplomatic moon, clouds and rains,
Produced a good harvest in poetic field differently.
Politics gets turned into fragrance in innocent garden,
Where the king Cobra lurked with matured harpoons.
The social equity still floats in the spirit of Allende,
Together you wanted to enter the forest of freedom.
You were so passionate in your amorous feelings,
Your immortal love leads us to the lonely river
Where flows the eternal tears and pains of humans.
Pinochet failed to resist the people to mourn your death
The requiem spread ripping the boundary of Chile.
A timeless poet, I remember you, your painful death,
My shy poesy of far-fetched pastels dreams your dream.
©Kamrul Islam

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