Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
All amazing
Dazzlingly dazzling,
Roots in the land,
Off shoots in vogue,
Toots in langue,
Hoots in hang,
Bang, bang, bang,
Busy long boots,
All off shoots,
Like dots on white paper..
Two Halves Of The Earth
Tow halves of the earth emerse now,
The turning tilt tweaking tow
Just as the bulging in bulk,
Just like a cute cream in milk,
Two parts at millions of distance,
Staunch, strong , sticky in stance,
Cling to waters in between,
Like juvenile energy in teen,
Seen in time or unseen in time,
But woven in rhythm and rhyme,
Two halves stay like two bars,
Two halves emerge like two stars,
Intertwined in proximity,
Mingled to show humanity,,
All water looks border in silky,
All silky and furry robe in hurry,
All white hurry with right jigsaw covered,
All covered eyes in ties of fragrant weakness,
All weaknesses of humanity in life are adorable,
All fragility in life is beauty of the world,
All strength is length of life,
All hubs are cubs in human cage,
All clothes in baths seem sweetheart,
All nighties in nineties become beauties,
All pictures are fractures of human body,
All body is ready for hugging and cuddling in bed,
All bed is red with death of virginity,
All virginity is dignity of my dearness,
All dearness is newness in intimacy,
All intimacy is democracy in love,
All love is encoded above,
#Dost Muhammad Rajper

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