Poems by Madhu Gangopadhyay

Poems by Madhu Gangopadhyay
This wrinkled lady
Walks towards me
I have seen her before
Somewhere beneath those ageing layers,
When she was twirling
Beside her youthful shore!
I know her, as sure as I can be,
The more and more her I see.
That unmistakable joyous glint
That pearly smile, now gaps within
Creased skin , still alabaster sheen
Not that to a ball she’s recently been!
Those rosey days, petals crushed
She hears voices hushed,
Once they compared her to the moon
Meaningless love notes crooned!
Now bewilderment in their eyes,
A beautiful scarecrow, skeletal sighs!
Who can alter the wheel of life?
Change of gaurd from green to white!
The bleary sun doth shines still
Soon the snow would cover the hills!
Tranquil repose would saunter at will!
Your love
A desert rain
Dazzling sun
On a misty terrain
Cherry blossoms of spring
A heartful of dreams!
Waft of Asters
The month of September
Stars on clear sky
Sparkling river
On which sunbeam shiver!
Smell of cedar
Onset of winter!
Dreams seldom
Are real!
Passage of time
Ideal love
A myth
In times
Fades, bleeds!

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