Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke
Of ancient tongues grown past the original diction
Am a child reborn into Sensory perspectives of cultural tributes
I carry within me the stampede of hurricanes that wiped falsehoods of acrimonious Rhymes
I resurrect with each son and salute each sun with the toothless smile of a fledgling child
Old age teaches humility to the versatile bones of youthful springs daring thrills and danger
Upon the forested speeches of Edens glorious pasts sings a tune of hope in muted axe and chainsaw mourning ballads
A reminder of the remainder of the imbalance that lowers its eyelids to catch a glimpse of passing eternity
On this monumental journey we have shaved off loving steps with our cruel hands.
Finding peace in the pieces of brokenness of a song that once filled the spaces of living with divine music.
The majestic Eagle still dives onto earth for a morsel
As the Royal purple gown of the King must slide to attend to the common room,
Even when it’s draped in gold and sparkles of rare gems.
Birth by definition is a stage not a state though to feel greatly entitled we do.
Lies are beautiful to eager ears adorned with flattering laughter of the shallow end of a pool
Truth has few friends and even fewer relations.
Two things though, define life in its simplest term.
Society is called so for the needs of the living are found in the compound
While one is complete as all prototypes are,
It’s the weakest in the loop of beads that Rob a neck of a fair look.
For to a forest every tree counts as bricks speak construction and strength.
Figures and fingers and communal boost of Corporeal warmth
Twins cue for exit and entry in timed arrivals as time out shall dictate someday
Thoughts are the most personal possession only known by divine
Before diction dictates verbiage of amorphous delivery and colloquial interpretation
The oneness of wholeness is a multiple singularity in its simple complexity
A lesson we must crum Daily to rhyming rhythms of the completeness of one amidst the judicious collectivism of all.
FAITH does move mountains, levelling darkness with the inner light borne of divine resolve,
Against known and unknown resilience man rises from write off rumbles to sing a new song,
Not so the mountains of man’s clever elevation that soar with soreness atop fellow creatures
One steadily rises above global heads squeezing lungs like soaked sponges
Before that another questioned intimacy with rubber tubings for hired pleasure,
Before that agents roamed above paid soldiers wrecking havoc on self on behalf of the clever
Before that…..and Before that….even before that
Man mountains have raised hell right below the Ancient mountains of the maker
Do we still have FAITH ENOUGH to pray off these mushrooming mountains of our clever making?
Till the tribal thinking rises up above cabals of profit margins and power balances
Mountains take center stage of all without fail for like the human body,
An injury anywhere is a pain everywhere.
Be a brother’s keeper and mountains of men’s hands will no longer rise.

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