Francis Otole (Nigeria)

Francis Otole (Nigeria)
Francis Otole is a Nigerian born poet and academician. A member of the Association of Nigerian authors(ANA) and many other literary groups. He is an award winning poet from the local and international scenes. Has been featured in magazines, journals, and anthologies;locally and internationally. He is a graduate of the prestigious Benue State University and a student of life. His hobby is reading and writing. He is married with two children
Graceful walk
That magnet talk,
Delicate lithe
Beautifully built,
Tone thigh
With voltage high,
Curvy hips
And succulent lips,
Firm skin
Smooth and clean,
Beautiful flower
With luminous aura.
Colored woman, I’ve come to acknowledge
Love is eloquent in your body language.
Black woman
Super human,
Fiber of clay
With dazzling ray.
Your skin is chocolate
Where honey percolates.
Symphony of curve
And pounds of love.
Deep like the ocean
Full with compassion,
Warrior’s bride
Empty of pride,
Cheaply measured,
But highly treasured,
Vision of delight,
Bright as daylight,
Component of power,
Lofty as tower.
You wear glamour
Like an armor,
Adorned in modesty
Of spotless honesty,
Covetous beauty
Clad in purity.
The glory of paradise
Is in your eyes,
The realm of eternity
Is in your proximity,
Heaven’s grace
is written on your face.
Beautiful flower
With super power,
The essence of beauty
Is in your purity.
Fiber of clay
With dazzling ray.
Black woman
Super human.
In my dreams twilight
Waiting for the cosmic spotlight
From a billion starlight.

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