I Hoard My Own Stars / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
I Hoard My Own Stars
The inside of my tear drop is mine alone
Out of bounds for all who want to fathom its depths
For that is where I hoard my stars
In the shimmering rainbow lights captured within its saline waters
I let the cascades of tears gently wash
The dank dingy walls of my sobbing spirit
Hiding in the twinkling lights of my oozing wounds
Each snow flake starry eyed knowing full well that it must melt
When my jet black sky terrifies me
With its ominous pall of sinister darkness
I switch on the gleaming fairy lights of my teardrops
And brighten the knolls of my bewildered psyche
The star struck moon envies me my coruscating lamps
Each shadowy nook and niche mysteriously waltzing
Like the diamond sparks from my winking nose pin
My cache of light is safe within me
You need to dive in cavernous depths of sorrow
In order to hold it in your palms
Copyright Lily Swarn 5.1.2022

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