If you only knew how dear you are to me / Poem by Margaret Kowalewska

Poem by Margaret Kowalewska
If you only knew how dear you are to me
If you do not know,
one day I will tell you
that you take my breath away
with your every word..
My heart pounds
with a hundred bells
of utmost silence
In my stillness there is unrest
How can I sleep again
when the sound of your voice
dances on my breasts..
Where did my breath go?
You took it away
with your every word
And if you only knew
how dear you are to me
More than the worth of the world
More than mines with gold
and precious stones
More than my own life..
How can I sleep
when the memory of your gaze
is caressing me
with your impalpable
thousand hands..
I am burning
with a inextinguishable fire
in a nucleus of longing
thirsty for one drop of your love
from the river of your heart
washing distant shores of enigma..
And the fear of not loving you again
as if a bleeding thorn in my chest
is reaching out for the soothing balm
of your jasmine scented embrace..
©® Margaret Kowalewska
14 January 2022

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