Bezdenezhnykh Marina Alexandrovna (Russia)

Bezdenezhnykh Marina Alexandrovna (Russia)
She was born in Omsk, USSR. She graduated from school, the philological faculty of Omsk State University, postgraduate studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University, doctoral studies at Omsk State University.
She worked at a school, was a correspondent for a large-circulation newspaper, taught at the Omsk State Pedagogical University, the Omsk Armored Engineering Institute, and headed the Department of Philological Education at the Institute for the Development of Education in the Omsk Region.
Poems were published in collective collections, almanacs, anthologies and magazines in Omsk, Tomsk, Yekaterinburg, Biysk, Tobolsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Ryazan, Chelyabinsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.
She is an author of poetry books “Morning” (Omsk, 1987), “Leafing Through Autumn” (Omsk, 1996), “Choice of Dominants” (Omsk, 2000), “Goal of the Game” (Omsk, 2001), “Frame-by-Frame” (Omsk, 2003), “Step Toward” (series “Library of Omsk Lyrics”, Omsk, 2009), “Motherboard” (Omsk, 2014), “Spreading the Space” (series “Poetry of the Omsk Lukomorye”, Omsk, 2021).
Since 1993 M.A. Bezdenezhnykh is a member of the Council of Curators of the Students Scientific Society “Poisk”, permanently leads the direction “Literary Creativity” in the region, she is the chairman of the jury of the direction at the regional stages of the Scientific and Practical Conferences of schoolchildren and students of the region.
From 1991 to 1995, she was the head of the literary studio of the OmSPU, from 1995 to the present, she is the head of the regional literary association attached to the Omsk regional public organization of the Writers’ Union of Russia.
She is a winner of the international festival “Forest Lake” (Borovoe-2007), the 10th International Literary Festival “Under the Ryazan Sky” (Ryazan, 2013).
She is a winner of the twice Hero of the Soviet Union Marshal of Aviation N. Skomorokhov prize (1997), a winner of L. Martynov regional literary prize (2009), a winner of V. Makarov regional literary prize (2012), a winner of M. Shangin regional literary prize (2021), a winner of D.N. Mamin-Sibiryak All-Russian literary prize (2016). She was awarded the medal “For Service to Literature” (2012).
Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Work of the Omsk Humanitarian Academy. Author of many scientific publications (articles, anthologies, manuals, etc.), the monograph “Language Portrait of the Omsk Poetry School: Vocabulary and Phraseology” (Omsk, 2012).
She is a member of the Writer’s Union of Russia since 1994, a board member of the Omsk regional public organization of the Writer’s Union of Russia, a member of the editorial board of the magazine “Literary Omsk”.
I live like everyone else. It’s an exquisite pride…
How can I predict, prophesy, fly…
I breathe like everyone else. I endure… I’m only the voice
For those who can’t speak.
Живу, как все. Изысканная гордость…
Куда мне прозревать, вещать, парить…
Дышу, как все. Терплю… Я только голос
Для тех, кто не умеет говорить.
I do not believe in great passions for a long time, –
Everyone talks about them!
But judging by the scope of the losses,
That was love…
В кошмарные страсти давно я не верю, –
О них говорит любой!
Но если судить по масштабу потери,
То это была – любовь…
The question hasn’t been asked yet. And grimly
You are crushing down the remains of cigarettes.
You know, I will answer. So think
If you really want to know the answer.
Вопрос ещё не задан. И угрюмо
Сминаешь ты останки сигарет.
Ты знаешь, – я отвечу. Так подумай,
Действительно ли, хочешь знать ответ.
It seems to be
               untroublesome and simple:
I do not need
               any tutorage or advice, –
It is important for a friend
               to want to ask a question,
To which
              I would like
                          to answer.
Он, казалось бы,
                    нехлопотен и прост:
Не нуждаюсь
                    ни в опеке, ни в совете, –
Другу важно
                    захотеть задать вопрос,
На который
                   я хотела бы
Spring. Almost Childish
What a good sun!
Big and strong sun.
Fluffy red [like hair color – interpreter’s note] sun –
It’s mine!
Весна. Почти детское
Какое хорошее солнце!
Большое и сильное солнце.
Пушистое рыжее солнце –
Memory, do not shake my soul, do not touch it!
Throwing something into the garbage
I have not forgotten this road –
I have passed it…
Память, не взбалтывай душу, не трогай!
Что-то отбросив в шлак,
Я не забыла эту дорогу –
Просто уже прошла…
Translated from Russian to English by Anastasia Sergeeva

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