Duan Guang’an (China)

Duan Guang’an (China)
Duan Guang’an, born in 1956 in Tianjin, as a famous poet and scientific worker, he is chairman of the Association of Tianjin Lu Li Study, vice-director and secretary general of Tianjin July Poetry Society, associate managing editor of Tianjin Poets, and a member of the Chinese W riters Association. He has published over 600 poems on newspapers and periodicals including Poetry Periodical, Selected Poems, The Star Poetry Periodical, The Forest of Poetry, Digest, and Xinhua Wenzhai (or New China Digest), etc. He has published two collections of poems: The Poems of Duan Guang’an and Selected Poems of Duan Guang’an. He has won several prizes for his poems, some of which have been included into various poetry anthologies and, some have been translated into English, Russian, Arabic, Romanian, Italian, Bahasa Melayu and Japanese, etc.
Desert in Busy Streets
Standing in the middle of the street
Is like standing in a boundless desert
I am lonely into a white poplar
To drop into a vast emptiness
The black sand surges in
I fuse into an uncertain black house
Facing a visible or invisible wall
Nothing but the wound in the inner heart
Traversing the street
Stepping into the singing sand
I am lost
In the grains of sand between a name and another name
I drift away from myself
And enter the eyes of the traveler from the eyes of the traveler
Countless leaves are whispering
Merely whispering …
The Death of a Male Mantis
Beneath the bloody bean leaves
The male mantis has accomplished itself in the climax of love
By the female mantis its throat has been broken
Its body has been lacerated
To be eaten up
As nutrition for future gestation
Love and death are entangled and arrive at the same time
Perfect and unified
The body convulsing
Hind legs trembling
Carousing death like wine
Already drunken
Through black hole to see sunlight again
Broken wings shivering
Gently wafting and falling
To fuse into the bloody bean leaves
Passing by Busy Streets in the Night on a Bike
The top of the stream of people is a black desert
Bikes are camels in the desert
Like solitary walking in wilderness deep into the night
Strange faces are tombstones
Vehicle traces and footprints are buried by sandstorm
I stand transfixed
Enjoying to myself the quiet moment
Translated by ZHANG Zhizhong

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