Carolyn Wolfe


               Carolyn Wolfe 


Carolyn Wolfe ka lindur më 12 November 1958  dhe jeton në  Winchester, Virginia, SHBA. Ajo është diplomuar  :

1975- Graduated from Walt Whitman High School

1981- Graduated from Montgomery College

Pasioni saj është  Letërsia , Mjedisi  dhe Mbrojtja e Kafshëve.  Ajo nëpërmjet botimeve të saj të suksesëshme ,  botime të cilat janë publikuar tek :,  Barnes dhe , dhe janë në shitje onlajn,  ka arritur të indetifikojë personalitetin e saj krijues si poete dhe tregimtare e historive  fantastike për fëmijë.  Aktualisht ajo i është përkushtuar karrierës së saj letrare, si shkrimtare profesioniste  .

Është autore e veprave letrare:

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Hi there, my name is Carolyn Wolfe and I am an Free-lance writer and Author of six books. My sixth book, a children’s book titled “The Unhappy Little Dragon, Lessons Learned,” was released this past Nov 2011. It is the complete story of Happy the dragon and all about his adventures and misadventures. I also write short fantasy stories, and poetry for a general readership and write articles for a local Newspaper in my area “The Old Town Compass” as well as Free-lance for other local newspapers.
I have two concurrent new projects I am working on, one is a short fantasy story for a new anthology that will be published in March 2013. I am one of eight woman authors contributing to this book whose overall theme is that the stories are connected to the Traditional Celtic Holidays. I will be adding more information as the publishing date approaches. I am also completing a new children’s story “The Drowsy House” with illustrations by a very talented artist- Rosemarie Gillen.
I very much enjoy writing for children and have had two wonderful illustrators, Leslie Mathis, and Rosemarie Gillen. Both of these wonderful artists have really made my stories come alive.

A little about my background, Although I am American, I was born in England just outside of London. My parents returned to America when I was just a baby and I enjoy dual citizenship which delights me.
I grew up reading stories about “Noddy and Big Thumb”, among other British classics for children, and it has been commented that my style of writing reflects a little of my British background. I would like to think so!

I am currently living in Winchester, VA with my husband Scott and many animal companions. My website address is for more info!

Although I enjoy writing for children, I also have published two books of poetry, “When The Moon Speaks” and “Notes From The Shadow Self” written for a general audience and another book, “The Moonsparrow Collection” which is a collection of my short fantasy stories.

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