Poems by Neelam Malik

Poems by Neelam Malik 


My Soul

I am a free soul
Unflinchingly frames
My viewpoint and my pen
Moulds the literary grace 
Personal space belongs to my soul
To my WHOLE,my Omnipotent
I cannot be a freak sojourner
Pressures,l neglect always
Genuine gratitude for perennial power
Mountains cannot block my ways
Always remember–l am a free soul.


Cosmos Clasped

Cosmos is our best teacher
If faith is magnified,truely
We meet our known souls
Who are born great
To clasp the beauteous norms
For mankind,for sunshines
Every moment is a new dawn
Basking in hope and light
Emerging and merging
With that disciplined orchestra
Where honour is the graceful abode
With Dr. Prasad …the connector
Pious and enlightening
None can forget the Hyderabad festival. 


An Eternized Energy

Siblings of melody sing carols of love and light
Planting seeds for fruition of chained vines
A timelss beauty eternized,entwined
Clasping a revenant universal rendezvous
Beauty adorned in the gestures of curvaceous curls
Phonetics of coined rhythms ignite the spark
A decked orientation with colossal shades
Spreading the serene waves in the dawns of life
Cozy and sacred space framed with an elegant elevation
Let us live an eternal life
Where only hope and love survives.


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