Maria Kobets (Republic of Belarus)

Maria Kobets (Republic of Belarus)
Poet, interpreter, former editor of the news department of the Broadcasting Company “Brest”, director of the Logishinsky youth Сenter.
Valishchenskaya secondary school (1992), Pinsk Medical College (1994), Belarusian State University Institute of Journalism(2017).
The first poem by Maria Kobets was published in 2007 in the periodical press of Belarus. Author of three poetry collections, participant of a number of collective collections, member of the Writers’ Union of Belarus, member of the Union of Writers of the Union State, laureate of the Literature Prize named after Vladimir Kolesnik, Golden winner of the International Eurasian Literary Award. The poems of Maria Kobets were translated and published in Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Russia, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Tatarstan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Italy, the Republic of Chechen, the Republic of Chuvash.
“Flowering wormwood”(2016),
“In the white sail of blizzards”(2018).
The Sun
Oh, оnly the Sun
knows the pathway to the nest of the Firebird.
It hides this way very safe and reliable.
It hides this way from spontaneous searchers.
Tired from hard way,
Only the one from hundreds of thousands finds this way
Among millions of false shelters.
He finds It and stays at His Holiness,
he stays cleared for always.
May be I hadn`t enough power in my legs,
I hadn`t much eyesight, hearing or much mind
to overcome this way.
That`s why today
I swallow poisonous smell of strange hair.
I join in with the crowd the same people as me.
I narrowly withstand the clear –
I am among the leftover hundreds of thousands.

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