Poems by Pranju Gogoi

Poems by Pranju Gogoi
A gleeful bird hopping from one bough to another,
It sings with its companion with full spirit ever,
A great ideal for humanity to rejuvinate life,
The natural philosophy of human life to care amidst strife.
Life’s smile is a flowering shower forever,
Happiness covers entire life with lovely care,
How much hurdles are in life,really trifle matter,
Mind and heart full of healthy pranks make us smile everywhere.
Real beauty of life are heavenly smile and love,
Naturally inspired to rear peace with a heart of dove,
Divine smile grows in earth of heart naturally,
Forever a great blessing to feel uniqueness of life gradually.
Blooming flowers in the garden of Eden gorgeously,
Future of our universal world to travel really,
Breathing fresh air moment by moment blissfully,
Overcoming all mean or great hurdles of time skillfully.
Let’s not to make their air dusty with falsehood,
Firing sparklers of poison in the garden of childhood,
Let’s be united in zero gap ignoring all barriers created for pretending humanhood,
To make a world of real humanity under one umbrella for blessed livelihood.
Exuberant youngsters the blooming fresh flowers,
Blossoming wonderfully with full hearts,
Let them flow in ecstasy like dancing streams,
With dale and vale’s sweet and bright dreams’
This earth full of charmness heavenly,
Merely not for us the engineers of the world quietly,
For everyone to come here time to time hopefully,
To quest for meaningfulness in life sincerely.
If superiority the marvellous reflection of us,
Climbing the ladder of civilization success after success,
If selfhood always the rudder to sail in the ocean of lives,
Playing musical instruments breaking rhythmic patterns.
Heart to heart journey ends in smoke effortlessly,
Breaking hearts’ ballads will be left yet unwillingly,
Blooming flowers will be in gradual fadeness heartlessly,
Reseaching ancestor’s numb and dumb like story carefully.
By Pranju Gogoi
All rights reserved

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