Tatiana Terebinova (Russia)

Tatiana Terebinova (Russia)
Terebinova Tatiana is a poet she lives in Otradny Samara Region and Moscow.
She uses the technique of sillabic-tonic, free verse, haiku and tanka.
Tatiana graduated from the Moscow Cultural and Arts Acadimy in 1989.
The poet is a winner of the Moscow International Free Verse Festival (1996).
Her poems were pablished in the Anthology of Russian free verse (Moscow “PROMETEI” 1991), Almanac “Arion” (Moscow) , “Journal POetri” (2018,
№№ 1 – 3 ), journal “Mos-cow Sto-litsa” (2018, №3) etc… Her name is mentioned in the Samara Historical and Culturen encyclopedia (1995)
The Tree
The sky prays on you with the bottom of the abyss.
The ways of roadlessness run away to you.
Numbers and letters
complain to you and growl,
as well as future shouts and angry looks of tongues,
so as manners of an adverbial mob.
Thoughts of words flow in streams of fire.
They exclaim to you, the free cornflowers
and giving birth rye,
descending into your heart with their umbilical roots.
You are above all – the Tree of Life!
The inverted sound of cricket
A cricket sings
in the leaves of strawberries
with an inverted sound.
Draft enters into a conversation
with me.
Toasted bread
with wine
and wild honey
of the moon
are on the table.
And somewhere
a coral seller
laughs and pets
the fragile nape
of a turtle.
They fly to me
As colorful birds, they fly to me
the other
houses and rivers, parks and museums;
steps run away
from fading long minutes.
Where you are – herbs wake up and
the dome of tree rings,
full of bumblebees and wasps.
The moon dips in your eyes
its golden roots.
The dawn is almost
Branches of stars still embrace the sky
which is woven from blue flax flowers.
I’m lulling on my knees

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