Poems by Dasharath Naik

Poems by Dasharath Naik
The dreams like drops of rain
often drench me thoroughly ,
the hopes like gusts of breeze
do refresh my solitary realm
and me freely hop and swing
in thoughts absolutely mine.
As dried up leaves look lively,
the dull mind moves to action ;
the pale face like gold in fire
dazzles and shines abright
and me like a radiant rainbow
spread the hues far and wide .
Life even amidst all uncertainties
looks as fixed as the Pole star
waiting for inspiration to inspire
to challenge the challenges hard
and never to surrender or grovel
however cruel circumstances be !
The point now sidles up to me
Holds my hand in full agog
Asking me if I am who I am
And I do stand speechless .
My existence I find nowhere
My bosom slips from my ‘self’
My spirit undaunted gives in
Before I hold my head erect.
The mirror fails to reflect
My shattered images grim
Greeting me with a smile
And I laugh at my cowardice.
The illusion of relationships
Like pearly dew drops on grass
Shines and dazzles in its aura
And I have a hearty appetite.
The images madly chase me
Trying to capture my glimpse
My time blushes like a bride
And the point exists taking pride .
A gruesome ghastly roar is heard coming nearer
From the innumerable steps of the unfathomable ocean
Life shrieks in jerk and apprehension logically horrific
The life lived already shudders at its terrible glance
The spring that springs from nowhere now shrivels
The oasis of life turns into a desert full of thorny shrubs
Shadows start dancing wild in the medley of melodies
And me absorbed in its mystery, uncanny but wealthy
The thread that binds turns loose and golden moments slip
In deep sleep my ‘self’ yawns but without any noise
Flowers blooming in my courtyard fade to lose fragrance
As the tyrant tiger starts roaring somewhere in the ambush
My trust I rest on, I take shelter in my fortress
The bizarre moments often haunt my memory
The cheerless twilight then glows with warmth
And in my refuge,me find myself in sound sleep.
The soothing call now in my ears
From somewhere lovely, dark and deep
Blessed me to taste its pure bliss
Free from fear now it lulls me to sleep .
No more any hostility or conflict
Only peace and harmony reigning
Me in perfect mirth of the ocean
To get enlightened there dipping .
The world smiles and I smile with it
Me getting conceived with earnest emotions ;
In love of life to live in eternal love
Soaring higher with the singing champions.
War is gone and peace the catchword
Hatred and malice no more in
this world ;
Taking best care to get myself green
To lift my soul ,disheartened and mean.
Folks in similar lot can’t help being recharged
Now that good vibes have everywhere prevailed ;
Peace exists and reigns the multitude in full flow
And me find myself dancing hand in hand with my shadow .
The better and the best
All meet the tragic end ;
Life in absolute zero
Loses its essence .
Almost choked:
Hopes and dreams ;
Flowers bloom
but fade very soon .
Even blood betrays ;
Life: all lustfully lowered,
Loitering here and there
Bereft of the Captain .
Waiting though wounded
Humanity strangled ;
Turning into deadly beasts
Men kill men mercilessly .
Is it all over or Hope
Still lurks somewhere ?
Not far off the Inferno,
The Wasteland sneering !
*(c) Dasharath Naik

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