Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny


Stay with me

Can’t stop searching for you
Hand hugging the passing winds
Smelling your fragrance in each breeze 
Moon bleeding..
Stardust blazing my eyes
Framing your face in the depth of my heart
Wordless is the night
As the silence screams your absence
Stay with me…


The freedom’s door

How far is the freedom’s door
When your chains shackle your soul
And your ego restrains your steps 
To go after your heart’s call…

Stumbling on a storming ground
Autumn moves your desert’s sands
Chilly winds push you around
Like leaves swirling toward the end..

You sailed far..into the waves
Solely on shore i follow your songs
and beneath the gloomy clouds
I do crave your rays of sun…

You made ne live in a world of wonders
Dawns sparkle in every night
Enjoying endless spring in winter
Planting seeds in every light…

How would i look for freedom ‘s doors
Far from all songs..all birds sky
That love Symphony ..is all i care for
And joining birds..to freely fly…


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