Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



When flowers smile I smile with them in the Eden garden
Where tigers , lioness walk I feel pride in their pride
How birds fly in the sky ? To see them my heart learn to fly 
Huge mountains standing with their peaks high

Glory of nature bestow me her beauty to mine
Cuckoo sings sweet soft songs I feel thrilled so composing rhyme
Ducks , heroine , Tod and toddlers swimming
Pigeons ,swans are waiting heavenly rain when they get worldly pain

Daffodils ,red roses , jasmine dancing with me beautiful smile
Green grass is as my bed where I lay with rabbits , parrots under sky
Spring is making me happy in the Eden garden
Blooming new flowers give the presence of paradise

My mystic soul feeling INFINITE essence as heaven blessed.



I saw them peeping into their hearts 
Both hearts were busy to smile
He was holding her hand lips were busy making rhyme
He was handsome she was in her prime
Standing in the Eden drinking LOVE wine
He was tell o! Fairy you are only mine
Two bodies but one soul taking oath for life goal
Happiest souls with red rose smiling through their pose
My mystic heart also happy ,pray for their lovely life
Amazing both, worldly wise nightingale is she ,he is listening songs of life
May God bless them good health wealth and prosperity forever in their beautiful life .



We want things
may happened
according to 
ours own
but things
may happened
according to our lord

why we waste
precious time
this may be
to ourselves

Men purposes
God disposes
Why it happened
Is every thing
According its own

Why I write in day
or night I will not
Think upon it
This matter is

We make artificial
But God makes
Who knows
What will be happened
The next time

None it knows
Men are cleaver
God is more cleavers
Than men

Everybody is in the
Chain of heaven or hell

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