Poems by Margaret Kowalewska

Poems by Margaret Kowalewska
Veiled in pearls
From the whispers of the wind, memories stream
Do you remember the time when
we were dancing our first dream?
Moonlight gleaming in your eyes
Pounding hearts, diamond tiaras glistening
in a mystical sky, twirling in our sighs
I am drinking champagne of night
Can you hold me the same way again?
I know that each moment cannot be alike
but magic remains alive
The night is playing our song!
If we only open ourselves more
and sense allure flowing in our veins
Listen closely to the sultry breeze
Dance with me blending scent with scent
Feelings are not lost yet
My pulsation spills on your chest
Let’s be still for a while
Glossing in your eyes, the drops of pearls..
I feel you .my beloved.. In your soul, I dwell
© Margaret Kowalewska
Dancing behind your closed eyelids
I am your whisper
born in your dreams
You can hear
my music in the wind
I am your whisper
echoing in ocean waves
I am the song
of longing trees
My whispers
brushing your lips
burning with kiss
of eternity
When you close your eyes
I am dancing behind
your eyelids
where is dark
I am your only light
I am an elusive dream
but you can catch me
when you touch my soul
I will surrender helpless
to your vibrations
of the cosmic flow
© Margaret Kowalewska
The poet and his muse
Be blessed, the muse of a poet
when you enter his soul
awakening beauty
inside of his heart,
his eyes open wide
admiring every detail
when the average eye
is blind to the colors of gray
The blessed muse of a poet
You loved and cried
You were raped,
betrayed but still
came to the surface
and you loved again
You drowned in passion
with breathless moans
opening wide
your bruised heart
His pen trembles
writing your words
when you dictate
as if in trance
unfolding layers of yourself
holding his essence in suspense
Poet is your lover
for eternal time
You melt with his light
One emotion, One breath, One sigh
seducing your reader each time
© Margaret Kowalewka

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