Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 



The sun forgets to set behind red cliff
While gazing your gorgeous beauty.
The moon peeps out from clouds
To watch your lusavious body.

The creator felt glory of his own creation
When he noticed excellence of your beauty.
The world -conquer profoundly intends to rest
Beneath the shade of your passionate breasts.

Heartless stone of grave too cries
When tears float from your eyes.
Plant germinates in rocky mountain
Along with your graceful sweet – smile.

Fragrance spreads all over the world
To glorify your incredible arrival.
Desert transforms into green forest
Along with the touch of your foot step.

When you yearn to rejoice rest
Fire catches Snowy mountain .
When you get angry with someone
The earth trembles with fear.

Spring season decides to restart
Just to gaze your elegant beauty.
Beneath the shade of your womb
The process of creation does emerge .

The breeze turns crazy impatiently
To float your long black cascaded hair
The naughty rain turns lunatic
To feel the lustful touch of your body.

The arrow of your naughty eyes
Strucks my pensive tender heart.
Your constant sweet kiss of love
Really intoxicated my heart beats.

Musical melody starts to vibrate continuously
Along with the jiggling movement of your-anklets.
Guitar plays spontaneously its romantic flute
With your speechless, soft and passionate smile .


Conscience Evolves Along With Time 

The dynamic nature of time is there , to remind
Your consciousness evolves along with time
To replace dimension of your own life
With quite new beliefs system 
Let me assure you,…….. again
Nothing remains true forever.

Circumstances to which I really belong
Initiate my attitudes for interaction
Desired consequences I attain
Through behaviour and action
Dawn is there to incite day.

Feathers that I need to gather ,alone
For the flight of true destination
I am cause & effect of my enitity
I am fate of my own identity
Heart and beats, both are mine.

Although, some events happened in past
Definitely painful, not in favour of mine
I can make reproductive use of them
Through experience that I gained
To handle future in my hands.

Irrecoupable loss of lives occurred thereof in
The events like accident, and earthquake
Should not be related with past Karma .
Things, we’ve never expected to happen
Sometimes mystically happen.

All ,those victims who died in plane crash
Are definitely not, pilots in previous life
None of them, can’t be held
Accountable for past Karma.
How can be ,anything that happens ..?
Is in favour ,for prosperity of us.

A tiger feeds on herbivorous animals like deers
When its survival relies on killings
Is it wise to blame it as per Karma. ?
We all are here, to justify our existence
Let cause and effect rule the world
Through cost and benefit concept.

Composed by Tulsi Shrestha 
@ All copyright reserved 
2018 …Nov 2….8.33.PM

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