Poems by Neha Bhandarkar

Poems by Neha Bhandarkar
Springs flow under the ground
Can’t be understood
The soreness of the tears
Which can’t flow
From the eyes of woman
Smoky tears
Can never make green
The deep corner of woman’s heart
And the vicinity of her core mind
Even knowing this primitive truth
Seeds of words being sown
In the poetry of her life
Sometimes, being deprived from
The words
Her creativity prevents
Her development suppresses her wishes
And eventually
Woman’s stuffiness grow and ripe
In the form of a tree of poetry
Brimming with her feelings
To sprinkle her love
Through many many perennial
Life oriented poetries
Absence of violence is Peace
We must know the value of love n ease
Where the Himalaya touch the Sky
There my dreams wanna fly
And beyond the horizon
I wanna keep my clear vision n eye
Secrets of happiness find
In the arms of fresh air
I wanna bury fear beneath the glacier
I wanna dance with waves of sea
I wanna faith on humanity
And kindness against envy
Where sloth is a sin n diligence is virtue
I wanna replace tears, by smiling hue
Creation, State and Fusion
Is the cycle of the Nature
If we wanna happy with our future
We must love our beautiful divine Nature
Come on, let us step forward
To face against growing threats
Save this phenomenal Earth from dying
For the sake of entire Mankind

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