Margaret Kowalewska ( Poland)

Margaret Kowalewska

The poetess of love and the master weaver of soft dreams. 

She was born in Warsaw, Poland. Now residing in Vancouver, BC.

Her poetic creations appear in the following anthology books: Ballads Of Our Lives, In Between Days, The Falling Rain, From The Mountain Top, Immortal Verses, Between Darkness And Light, Poetic Christmas, I Am A Woman, Flame, Flame II, Mosaic Heart, Butterfly Love, New Generation Of Poets.

The Inventives Magazine included her poem: “Where Colours Became Music” and Literary Polish Magazine Aha: “Without Farwell”. Vancouver based, The New Agora Magazine published her prayer to “Waters Of Oceans, Rivers And Lakes” after Fukushima’s radioactive spill in Japan. Also printed her “Magnolia Dance”, love poem inspired by spring in Vancouver.

Her poem “Open Your Arms To The Universe”, is being used for inspirations in healing circles. She received the Editor’s Choice Award for writing about the battle between the good and the evil. For her poems, she received 53 on-line awards and won the first prize in poetry reciting contest in Toronto for the “Bridge Of Avignon”.

Consequently she was invited to recite Stanislaw Baklinski’s “Chopin’s Country” for the Polish community. Her voice flows in her poems on YouTube waves. She enjoys reading her poetry at Vancouver’s Graceful Noise Café, Cottage Bistro and Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House. Beauty of nature is her inspiration. Everyday she feels thankful for everyone whom she meets.

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