Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 


Let Me Drink Your Radiant Beauty 

I will enclose you inside my eyelids
To quench thirst of my eyes .
Let me open door of your heart
To light a candle of love .

Beats of my heart enforced me
To confirm you as my dream girl .
Imprint my face with crimson lips
Allow me to drink your beauty.

I evacuated the total depth of sea
Just to shower you in love .
Your love is impulse of my soul
That makes me alive for goal .

Fragrance of your sweet breath
Mesmerised me to such an extent
I turned blind and deaf for a while
To feel only you in deep love .

The twinkle in your lustful eyes
Evoked ecstasy -level higher than sky .
The taste of eternity I perceived
During a series of love session.

Showering you with sunbeams of dawn
Flowering you with passion of love
I will create a heaven for you
To dwell there, only me and you .



Oh ocean, don’t be proud of mighty power
I like to remind you cause of your origin
Me , along with a thousand of brooks and rivers
Mingled with each other and one another 
To fill the great enclosed valley with water
It is a story of reality of your origin .

We all ceased all together to glorify you
Your infinity is a product of our prolapse
Why do you make always stormy -roaring ?
Why do your blue waves beat innocent shore.
Never forget him who gave you shelter to dwell.

We are roots of your eternal creation
Try to be compassionate with all of us
Symbolise yourself with peace and love
It is a way to maintain your eternity.


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