Poems by Maryam Hami

Maryam Hami
Maryam Hami is an Iranian poet and English lecturer. Hami holds a Master of Arts degree in English Literature from The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) in Hyderabad, India where she focused on teaching and writing. Hami’s poetry addresses her concerns about love and peace which is painted through words in her poems.
Drink your tea
Sip it slowly and slowly
With each sip swallow your tears
Your hidden sorrows
Close your eyes to the apathies
Stay calm and silent
Stand still
and rise against all the griefs
Let your heart keep on loving
Continue to be kindhearted
This should be your way
Even by yourself.
From where I stand
How calm is this city
No lover’s heart misses her beloved
From where I can see
How happy is my city
Neither does have an ill one
Nor has a problem
I can see from the distance
The hearts are all in peace
Everyone is smiling
As if they don’t know crying
How beautiful is this distance
It seems everyone is happy
My wish is the reality of this scene.
There is no more of those pleasant laughters
The warmth feeling of the holding hands
Isn’t felt on its skin anymore
It is just the host of the smoked cigarettes in the case
And half-drunk coffees
Little sad table is sitting in the corner.
The blue sky
Has a tiny cloud on its chest
I have no idea whether it is left from the previous night storm
It is the beginning of a new wave.
The Sky is half clear half cloudy
A conflict is between
Raining and shining
To see your eyes.

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