Eltona Lakuriqi ( Albania)


Eltona Lakuriqi

Eltona Lakuriqi was born in Tirana in 4 November 1984. She was graduated in International Relations (Diplomacy). She is author of 6 poetry books: “Eci” (“I walk”) in 2004, “Maskat” (“Masks”) in 2015, “Gotat blu” (“Blue glasses”) in 2016, “Kaos shpirtëror” (“Spiritual chaos”) in 2017 and “Poezi” (“Poetry”) in 2018.


Know not myself,
Why I became jealous of you…
Waiting for our first date,
But you didn’t show up
In the bar eyes stared at me,
Impatiently to see you,
I got e glimpse of someone like you,
An innocent play of glimpses,
Picked up my cup without raising my eyes
So did he….
Both kissed the rims of cups in silence,
He knew not I thought of you,
But he might be you.
I didn’t know he had just partnered another,
That might be me.
Rose and left the bar,
You didn’t come, he didn’t see me…
How I become jealous of you…



One eye staring at the light
The other one at the black abyss
The veil dividing the face
Like a meridian in between light and darkness
The light beam comes from space
You try to smile at it
But the darkness within you
Blocks your steps and reasoning
One foot East
West the other one
The black veil amidst them
Like a cloud of magpies
Gloomy in your dawn
Dreadful in your dusk
Throw away the veil
Rejoice the zenith of the day.


Reflected in the mirror

You far away… I’m in your mirror.
I locked myself there as in our nest.
I see myself… I speak… I laugh
I live there. Like a madperson…
Yes, yes that is how they consider me.
I paint my eyelashes… I paint them again… a couple of times.
Beneath them I shed your tear.
Time dries it. I feel its hand…
You far away…
I’m with you in the same mirror.
Time combs my hair, but I don’t want to go.

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