Poems by Pantas P. Sitompul

Poems by Pantas P. Sitompul
(with a New Hope)
The old has passed
and we have learned a lot from the past,
and indeed the new has arrived
for us to go through
with a new hope and enthusiasm;
We have seen a lot
and we have heard much,
don’t all of it makes you and me scared
then submerge in an endless fear,
because whatever happened
and what will happen in the future
all of those things are inevitable;
stay alert and watchful
at our every step,
but stay excited
because life will keep on rolling,
take each turns and change stories;
who dare to hold the sun from its orbit,
and say that’s enough?
who can escape when the time has come
and say – not now or it’s not for me?
and we’re just living it
with always in a new hope,
and always believe
as the scriptures said:
that everything has its time
and in everything
there is a purpose behind it !?
but I will go on my journey in faith
and let a divine light will always illuminate
at each of my way!
It’s too early to say: you are mature
maturity it’s not merely by years
even a thousand years won’t enough
maturity it’s not by wrinkled
but: a sense of existence of who he/she is
where one is able to speak honistly and truely
where one can produce a sweet from the bitterness!
One should be able to pass the storms and darkness
One should have a balance-scale on his/her hands
One should be able to survive in all sesasons
One should know: of what is firstly – then lastly
One should know: how to greet and to say good-bye
One should know: how to kiss, and how to let it go
Learning is not enough, as life is time limited
but conciousness and awareness in a readiness
as there are still so much to do, stayed in mystery
we react by what of our our eyes can see
we think based on our senses in selfishness
some framed their beingness in fatamorgana fragile-stage
some chained their steps by their mind and its lust
where one’s passion lead to poison, prisoned in flesh
Only he/she who really aware of what is life
and knowing how to escape from darkness to light
then they could ease the pains, odored their stinks
one should be in a readiness to welcome the last moment!
What am I living for…?
What will and should I bring along – at last?
Do you know where to go
after this mundane stage…
when our time is over, when all stars burn away;
and where will your new address be?
At last, all inhabitants of the earth
will be judged, and separated on final day
Where is your new home,
Do you know how to get there?
Who is your pilot to take you beyond the blue sky?
I am not a dreamer
I am not a story teller
I am… just an observer of the fallen yellow leaves!
Have you set your charted course…?
What does it mean to live without peace,
without love, without finding anything
of eternal values?
What does it mean to live without purpose?
What does it mean to live without sharing?
What does it mean to live in a darkness
– unlighted?
In the darkness you can’t see anything clear,
you got nothing…!
Have you seen the truel light
Are you sure that you have got it in your heart?
But why is your heart deeply depressed,
keep going in uncertainties,
keep roaming without ultimate appointed point…!
You said, I’ve found it?
But, why were your hands full of dead materials?
To whom all of those things you stowed away?
Why are your eyes still searching
something long-lost …?
A life without love is fruitless,
an emptiness…
A life without peace is fragile –
like broken-pieces,
like a tree that has dried up,
and its root have been pulled out!
Is there a drop of heaven’s dew
in your heart, a water of life,
to be poured
into the sacred river in heaven – above!
© pantas p. sitompul™

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