Emanuela Rizzo (Italy)

Emanuela Rizzo (Italy)
The poet Emanuela Rizzo was born in Galatina on 15/09/1978 and moved to Parma in 1997 to his studies, where he graduated in Political Economy in 2002. Always passionate about art and poetry, she is present on various websites and blogs with her poems. It is part of various cultural associations and organizes and participates in various cultural events. His poems are published in various Italian and foreign anthologies. In 2021 his first collection of poems will be published with the Bertoni Editore ÷ “A heart of prickly pear”. Received several awards of merit for cultural commitment. The first recognition was received in 2020 by Marlene Pasini for the initiative #iostoacasaequestaseravileggounapoesia. In the same year he received it from Lisette Fernandez and from the Orquidea de Venezuela Association and from Maria Caruso Benecchi from the Silentia Lunae Association, coordinator of the cultural events of the Castle of Music. She loves nature and is a firm supporter of the defense of beauty. He participated in the Art Biennale in honor of the painter Sandro Greco, whose art critic was Gillo d’Orfles with two of his poems. Always engaged on various fronts in the social field, she finally decides to publish her first collection, which is a summary of his affections and passions, all turned into verse. During the period of the pandemic, several articles were written on the initiative she launched on the web #iostoacasaequestaseravileggounapoetry with which he involved poets and not from all over the world to make poetry reading videos during the closing period at home. In 2021, always within the #iostoacasaequestaseravileggounapoesia initiative he is translating several predominantly oriental poets. Present in the anthology Inno all’amore by Bertoni Editore (2021)
A parachute of freedom
In the naive dreams of a child,
a colorful kite to follow
in its flight free
in the sky.
In the meantime of a dream coveted,
a parachute flight,
my butterfly wings wounds.
Hold back my dreams
with an unpredictable pace,
of a tumultuous life,
made of needles of light
in the flesh.
Courses and appeals
that Vico remembered
to a deaf world,
I have always
recognized them,
in my visions,
Yet I still dream,
to see me fly
Between the clouds,
landing on a meadow
of daisies, simple,
like my child soul,
dressed in white,
in his waiting coat
of a sweaty hope,
hugging a parachute
of freedom.
Be a leaf that dances
Some souls are trees
bent by the wind,
fallen leaves in a crazy autumn.
Other souls are rusty wheels,
furrowed by time,
eroded by life often ungrateful.
And there are others of souls,
which, to read,
in autumn they dance,
like leaves,
and it almost seems spring,
it’s strong too their perfume!
Every leaf that falls becomes fertilizer for a new life.
So be the leaf that dances,
every season.

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