“Another face of Sky” by B. Narsing Rao is available on Lulu.com & Bookemon.com

“Another face of Sky” by B. Narsing Rao is available on Lulu.com 
Man’s amazement at what surrounds and observes him always turns into philosophical amazement, and the meaning or point of view that freezes for a moment the whole suggestion then orients him to the world of art, poetry, painting, cinematography and music. The inner voice of the soul rummages incessantly, touches boundaries and paraphrases; sometimes as a leap towards the invisible, sometimes as a tendency towards illusion, our animation that keeps us in dilemma, but also gives the ovation to follow and touch the thread of principles at the antipode with every form of modern nihilism. Reading the poems of the author Narsing Rao are a combination of brushstroke color towards abstraction, but also word color, a duality that conceives graphics and confusion, absolutely towards the absurd, to bring that imagination that can be perceived only by a distant vision and presents it with all the shadows, as a convolution of the secrecy of memory with the peaks of the dimensions that fold over the surface of the eye, all this to reflect the perfection of a creation. The poetic space touches on the whole theme of life, but it comes as a perception of a mentality that transcends everyday pragmatism into ornaments and fluidity of time, an elaborate idea which increases the expressive power and carries the figuration of the muse. Naturalness with the villa, Narsing writes, is based on human nature, as a being, since when it is in existential form everything is possible to reach, touch, feel and reason. The encounter with the earth element (the basis of our whole cycle), as an immeasurable and unknown silence (individual reference – world and vice versa), often turns into a blazing fire (turbulent surface) clashes with crash (survival proof) , rushes to its habitat (in a freely bought and the song of a bird), haunts love (synthesized form of lyrical motive) and thus overcome through beliefs and efforts we approach the truth and sublimes.


Publication Date; 21-7-2021
Language; English
ISBN; 9786218253636
Category; Poetry
Copyright; All Rights Reserved – Standard Copyright License
Contributors; By (author): B. Narsing Rao


Pages: 292
Binding: Paperback
Interior Color: Black & White
Dimensions: Digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm)


“Another face of Sky” by B. Narsing Rao is available on Lulu.com & Bookemon.com


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