Sharmila Poudel (Nepal)

Sharmila Poudel (Nepal)
Sharmila Poudel Born:5 may 1989 is an entrepreneur, poet, social activist, educationist, and global peace messenger. Sharmila Poudel was born in Pokhara Nepal. also, she loves to help society, needy people who are in pain and doing struggle to achieve the goal. She started her schooling in Pokhara Nepal then higher study in India. She is a psychology researcher too. Sharmila is a member of the International Relation Council. She loves to write a poem and she says that poetry is the mirror of society from where many readers and people can know the depth of life.
As a writer, she has written articles for several international publications including kamesta magazine(peru) and Homo universalis magazine (Greece).she is the executive member of the federation of international student association Bangalore.
Global peace ambassador(Iqra Foundation)
Certification of appreciation (AAZAAD FOUNDATION (REGD0)
Executive Member of FISA
International relation council member
Truth of Life
Sometimes there seems to be happy in life
Sometimes anger comes on our laughter
Sometimes where the heart wants to laugh
Sometimes hide the sorrow in some corner of the heart
Sometimes I want to tell everything to someone
Sometimes the heart just wants to shed tears
Sometimes we think something new in life
Never cry, when there is a million sorrow
Sometimes it seems that we are also
Desperate to live life
Sometimes it seems that only we are waiting for death
Sometimes it seems that what a lovely world is
So, sometimes it seems that this world is just the world
O! what beautiful weather
The cold wind is blowing
Birds are flying in the sky
The birds are singing
Butterflies are fluttering around
Kids are laughing and gawking
Where the grass is green
we hear Sounds of running water
As the wind blows
The rain starts to fall
Couple holding hand
takes the relaxation
I love the nature
Nature is everywhere
Wonderful, excitement
Need our more love care
The little bird fluttered
from out the nest
and flew far across the yard
let us hand in hand for our nature
let us respect, love, and save our nature
Forest is your life
the greenery and fragrance
Of the forest
Has its history
Tribal life flourishes
in and around the forest
dry leaves noise, hunters loft
prick of words, weeping roots
we are the protector of our forest
wild animals are friends!
Don’t let anyone hurt them
To live with dignity and honor
We are fighting with all our lives
Let existence be beautiful
Let’s change and conserve a little
So that life remains with nature

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