Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
Humbugging Ego
Emptiness lies in clamouring mouth,
Sweetness arrives in duty of love,
Genuinely attempted glance falls from above,
Enormity has its own move,
Like a singing dove,
Sagacity of human soul knows,
Humbugging ego is all vain,
Without real expressions of heart is fanning,
A pretty personality seems stunning,
As like professional spraining…
Amid manifold beauties,
Let me perform duties
For respecting and renovating,
For developed ways in charmingly dancing,,
Upon the signals of waves,
As have nots and haves…
Let me look into egocentric mood,
Let me devour the sweet food..
Decoration of Hearts
Decoration of hearts to fill vacuum,
Celebration of feast in loom,
Reputation of rude in a fortunate room,
Affinity in affection always makes groom,
Maturity in uttering gives much fume,
Affirmation in affair certifies to assume,
Love in life looks intoxicated opium,
Love in life makes a thorough theme,
Stamping on hues makes human resume,
Light of hearts eradicates all gloom,
As Sifting in the desert of human womb
Makes baby to grow soon,
Like the full moon,,,
Wipes out all darkness from the earth,.
And burns hearth,,
For human mirth…
Let me jump on in my youth..
Academicians allude accordingly,
Institutes dance very intellectually,
Knowledge grows internationally,
The taught creeps so punctually,
Innate intimacy occurs regularly,
Learners endeavor to learn naturally,
Words flow fervently…
Gaps and breaks seem perfunctorily,
Nature helps generally,
Love lies sincerely
In hearts of academicians,
With charming emotions..
#Dost Muhammad Rajper
@ 13-7-2021

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