Cosmic Silk / Poem by Margaret Kowalewska

Poem by Margaret Kowalewska
Cosmic Silk
It is raining
in my brain
from the crystal
of the pensive eye
Dry this tear,
glistening pearl
rushing down my face
Dry that tear clinging on
restless crease of my lip
weeping with
the heartbeat hymns
Bring peace, dear Lord
to this world
with your psalms
Honey balm from the sun
Feed the shattered hungry souls
taken by the senseless wars
Place these souls in Your palms
Let them feel Your Love
Bring harmony O, dear God
to this sinking world, in mud
of the ocean of dark clouds
imbued with
the energy form
from the temper of dark stars
and dissolve all the lies
coming from
respected mouths
Open eyes
Open ears
Open hearts
Shake this globe
with Your hands
till is not too late
I levitate in my mind, numb
in unconscious realm
aware of being afraid
Will I experience again,
the grandeur of true love
The entire world
thirsty for the hope
of this love divine,
dripping with the raindrops
dreaming about rainbows
born in paradise
And the hearts made of tears
glossing like the finest beads
on translucent skin
of the porcelain
as if sequinned rustling rain
enchanted by the enchantress,
the unshakable Faith
that wipes tears from your face
with a soft handkerchief
made of cosmic silk
© Margaret Kowalewska
22 July 2021

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