Dr. Sajid Hussain (Pakistan)

Dr. Sajid Hussain (Pakistan)
Dr. Sajid Hussain — from Pakistan — is a highly educated and multidisciplinary Poet. He is a Master Trainer of “Low Cost and No Cost of Science Material” Homeo Doctor, senior teacher of Chemistry in FDE, and Ex-Principal of Jinnah Public School. He has received many courses and certificates from Unicef ,CIDA and USAID programs.
Sajid Hussain is a promising Poet already participating in innumerable poetry contests world-wide while winning many certificates of excellence. He has written more than 700 poems so far, many of them being published internationally in different magazines.His work published on international level in different digital web sites also in different newspapers
He is seen to be published every month in Poets Unlimited, an internationally recognised literary magazine.
The light after darkness
A freedom song of height,
Of blossoming desires of light,
Caged zest taking wings of depressed flight,
Of truth which wanders in darkness,
Now having light ,visits to the city of delight,
Beclouding found treasures of sheen,
Pleasure fills mind with spirit,
Stillness of the night speaks with beauty,
In passionate way to shakes the regret,
Fountain of life welcomes sweet music,
Gathering honey of flower in an ecstasy,
Even a faint light yields window of dawn.
Inflamed heart enchants a soul,
Not viewing an image of dark shadows,
Gazing eternity through reflection of a mirror,
Unveils spring after a long autumn.
Niceties of Difference
lapse of time tries to link with sequence,
Scenes interchange with the vision,
Once proceeds to forget, other to remember,
Interesting are to watch or to develop,
Colours of rainbow get changes for attraction,
A point of thinking makes opportunity,
For a bright disposition into alien channels,
Lonely daring soul in the dim rest,
Ponders to unmeasure prospect of leisure,
Steep onrush of life tortures to the current plays,
Only emerging stars set distinction in the sky,
Patience is for wait in monotony ,on,
All the uplands of thoughts and curious flavour,
On the screen of surprise yet to appear ,
Cold glare beneath edge of night,
In affectionate to tender impulses,
That hang in my heart and soul,
What I think in the waves of gossip,
Disguised in chill in rank of social position,
A few solitary moments under the shades of,
Twilight of realities with bare footsteps.
Put me on the schedule of niceties of difference.
Half parted in keen expectancy,
Innocuous anecdote leapt to light,
Of rituals , set formals ,and customs,
In dignity of silent savage fire of hard held,
Conscience grown knitted to agitation for the acts,
The marble limbs of indifference linked with a sullen,
With unchilled moods and curled in depth,
Of the subjects of coaxing inflection to mores,
Of their arbitrary twists beaten by solicitous minds,
Dismissed conflict pleases with bewilderment,
A gaze falls abruptly into adrift intent,
Resolved hardened convictions get seized in,
With a sense of a strange half suffocated sentiment,
But bowed in submission with colourless naught,
The equisetic burden of life with eagle in trade,
Not falling its shoulders of flight in winds,
Haunts to a vague acceptance of tatters,
Evinced in displeasure stung by the thoughts,
Seemed as with depths of suffering in voice,
Touching traditional fetters to integrity of souls,
Felicity the thoughts and sensation in force,
Adopt dimly the ways of amazing phases,
Rigid echoes in hearts are noble passion for craves,
Scattered impulses with passionate acts to get courage,
Pull out all darkened praxis in majestic ways,
Clouds of novelty with touching melodies,
After long struggles and patience provoke,
Refinement with tenderness awakening by freedom .
SAJID Hussain Pakistan ©

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