THE FLOW OF POETRY / Poem by Timothy Payton and Sue Jones

Timothy Payton
As the thoughts collect like pollen upon poetic flowers,
With the essence of creativity raining down with inspirational showers,
Saturating the grounds to strengthen the roots of emotions,
Enriching each petal with colorful tales, as winds carry wonderful fragrances spoken,
This wordart can be seen by the eye, yet, is felt within the heart,
That comes from a genuine place of explanation and captivates from the start,
The way Poetry flows and speaks to individuals will be felt differently,
Having it’s own unique universal language as it’s presented brilliantly,
Making an impact onto the reader, holding their interest,
Possibly creating a relating perspective they may take in with trust.
Connections made from every moment,
Some maybe thought of as forgotten,
Good or bad they are stored away in a poetic deck of inspiration,
Affecting reader how you choose be it light and floral hues,
Maybe dark and stormy cloud a story told in your tenebrific fold,
Wonderous is imagination write the words to create production,
As your thoughts fill up the head space of the reader who you hope adores them,
Take a thought that you’ve been thinking,
Play with your vocab a flow escaping,
Esculating as if a waterfall … fresh and beautiful resplendent and luminous,
Forming in this foaming sagar,
Moving some to shed drops of saline,
Not a bad thing because as you are aware to let go of saddness is to say goodbye,
Less care for things that held you down and more for what will pick you up,
Imagine now a flower of wonder each petal be of any colour,
Paint how you wish to see it and this my darlings is what poetry is.
Written by Timothy Payton and Sue Jones

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