Janaq Jano (Albania)

Janaq Jano (Albania)
Janaq Jano was born in 1962, in city of Permet, Albania. He graduated from the Faculty of Agronomy, Tirana. Is the author of the following literary works: “Broken peace”( novel), Tirana 2003; “You have waited for me” (Poerty); “Dancing with the stars” (Poetry , In the process of editing): “Cranes in the snow”, (Fable, In the process of editing); “Neither alive or dead “ (Poem.). Is a member of the Albanian Association of Writers,  & Chief Editor of the Newspape “Rreza Prolog”. He is published in many newspapers, national and international magazines, as well as published in many global anthologies: Almanac 2008, Keleno- Greece, “Tirana Observer”, ”Thema” , literary newspaper “Light”, edition of Albanian writers’ Association, etc. Currently Resides in Permet, Albania.
Translated: by Mirela Dudi
Copyright © Janaq Jano, 2003
The animals of the forest
together made a deal.
To set a table,
to drink raki.
All would come,
causing no damage,
he – cats, mice,
rabbits, dogs…
The most prudent animals
would all talk by turns,
chatting all around,
freely in a mirth.
The row filled up on spot
according to their sort:
the Donkey, the Pig,
the Tortoise and the Flea.
The cook fox
set the table with tact.
Meat for dogs and cats,
for rabbits the salad.
While he had prepared
fodder for the Donkey,
he was very worried
for the plate of the flea.
Snorting with rage,
he sad to himself:
“ It’s the most ignoble trade
I have ever had.
Managing them all,
lion, wolf, jackal,
while for a flea,
I put myself in trouble!…”
Therefore came near,
cringely he said:
“ I have heard of you, sir,
that you scarcely eat.
For that reason my surprise
a glass of raki…”
“ OK, – said the flea, –
tonight I will drink.”
“This dinner, –
said the Lion,
we have to smooth over differences
that you carry on.
I am the first to swear
in the name of GOD,
that no more is my fair,
a blade of grass to tear.
Around the table
my eye looks only friends.
Lets toss this glass
up to its ends.
“ Let me sir, –
the fox said, –
that in this gaiety I apprehend,
to knock my precious glass
with that of cook’s in hand.
Since we were born,
we were enemy to death,
but now ore never,
we will be friends.
My brother, let’s sing
for the friendship together.
Let’s have this drink,
we will be friends forever.
Exulted the Wolf
bursting into tears:
“ I can’t stay with you,
without speaking , my dears.
It’s the best we are mustered
together tonight.
The life can’t be lived
alone and in a fight.
Throughout the forest
such gathering of friends,
fire kindles in the heart
of all this mates.
With some of the animals
I have gotten into a scrape .
Just as they see me ,
what the hall they have.
“ Please, – said the Fox,
-today at this table,
we are like brothers,
we are like sisters.
We all know the mistakes
we have made.
Therefore for the best of all,
let’s have this toss together.”
“ I miss the mouse too, –
the He – cat said in share.
– The last when I sow him,
was the last winter’s prayer.
We all must accept
the mountain of mistakes.
Even the Mouse and me,
have had a lot dissents.”
Just as the mouse listened,
jumped as a ball.
“ It’s true, the He – cat,
has to be friend!”
At last he screamed
with all his might.
“ Today, my friends,
I’ll drink all night.
I can’t ever live,
like the Mole underground.
Since now and on
in the square we’ll be found.
We have named each-other
enemy in vain.
All have spoken here,
they are nobleman.
Since the conversation
was going mad,
the donkey proposed:
“ Let’s sing a chant!”
He threw in a glass
and began to bray:
“ Friends, and such and such,
we miss you so much!”
Around the table
the joy was scattered.
The Tortoise was singing
away from the corner.
The Pig till now
hadn’t spoken anything.
Chimed in all the others
and never quit.
Having finished chiming,
drank in gulps,
afterwards he snorted:
“ This is justice, pals!”
The delighted mouse
was so much laughing,
that couldn’t stop himself
from dancing and hopping.
He invited all
to be caught by hand,
singing in a dance,
chanting like a band.
The joy of the beasts
brought down flesh lightning.
Over the sky’s table,
the drums are beating.
Between the rabbit
and the squirrel,
oh, what a beauty!
A star had fallen down
on the angelic doe.
The Wolf licks the lips.
The Jackal wipes his eyes.
They all went mad:
“ This is not from us,
but from the fairyland!”
The whiskers of the Lion,
rose up intense.
“ Thank you, my GOD!
This gift is immense.”
Drinking joyfully
around the table,
he proposed to dance
in a couple if they might
and during all the night.
But at the end,
as the flea was drinking,
the head was whirling,
the belly was swelling,
he jumped from the table
and screamed
more loudly than a cock:
“ How can I sit, brothers,
and not to dance
this heavy rock!?
Today is
the greatest night ever
that we are passing
this time together.
Why not the raki
to be dwindled,
and the fire works
to be kindled…
He hoped and stood
on the Donkey’s neck.
“ Here is the friend.
He looks like a snack.”
He stung him
with all his might,
but the poor Donkey,
called this love.
He hoped on the floor
and started to sing.
“ Let me all of you
hug and kiss!
Let’s dance
with you dog!”
He jumped on his neck,
like the needle he pricked.
The howl of the Dog,
the table gravely ticked…
He didn’t care at all
for table and friends.
He widely the mouth opened
and fiercely skirmished.
“ I don’t care at all,
how much the Flea drank.
He doesn’t know well
what “dog” is meant.”
“ Take it easy man, –
the Lion advised.-
If it’s for the fight,
let’s try the might.
All night at the table,
joyfully we’ll drink.
The low ask from us,
this night sleepless to pass.
We give to the forest
the beauty and love
as the wind with the kite,
to a dance I invite.
Together stood up
the Wolf, the Jackal, the Lion.
In front of the Doe
they seemed three chieftains.
“ Stand up!” – said the Wolf.
“ Stand up!” – said the Jackal,
but the first of the table
began the scandal.
He slapped both of them,
there in the front.
“ I don’t understand you,
the foot ore the shoe!”
The Wolf grinned the teeth,
howling very hard:
“ I’ll never forgive you!
You hadn’t to be drunk!”
Let all the beast know:
“ Lion leads no more the pin.
Instead raki is chosen
as the kingpin.
A word I have
with the Doe full airs.
If it gets on Lion nerves
there’s nothing he really cares.
It’s true I’m not called
Tiger ore Lion,
but I’m an wolf so old
That terrify any person.
The tiger filling
the grave situation
proposed to the others
around the table:
“ Those who want a fight
must go outside.”
“ Please, – said the Fox,
– taking her permission,-
the strongest of all
to a battle I call.
Those who will beat
the Lion today,
the true king from their feat
will become in this land.”
Some of the animals
got seriously offended.
As the Donkey listened,
soon jumped on his feet.
Some were crying,
the Wolf was howling,
as an alarm of a cello.
The Donkey did all the time bellow.
Judged on his own
in a shrewd way:
“ What do I lack
a king to stay?
Today I have drunk
all this strong raki,
who really dare
to fight with me,
just only today,
I feel myself strong.
My bellow is for throne
and my kick as a stone.
Really he felt himself
as a dragon,
so soon got his row next
to the strongest wagon.
When in front of him
stood Tiger, Bear, Elephant,
proudly he spoke:
“ As if in auction,
let me put this power
really in a motion.”
The Doe was trembling
with fear of war.
To God started to pray
her life asked to save.
All around the table
death had fallen over.
No animal sounds,
no more raki found.
The only one
who was never bothering,
was the Flea
who kept on drinking.
As the lightening of the night
the silence lived no more,
because in this great table
soon started the war.
On the table soon,
a storm had to start.
No forks and spoons
were left to lot the turt.
Those who stood up
fled like the fire
thrown by the cups
for this party hired.
All are in war
except the onlooker Flea.
Some fled to their feet,
some were left lying.
The stars start to shrink
on the tables sky.
From the roar of the animals
all the forest cry.
The mouse got happy,
never sad a thing,
but soon left the rest
to his comfort nest…
In great disappointment
deeply he sighed:
“ Nothing come out today too
looking for who knows “who”!”
All this beautiful party
come out to be nothing.
How can you drink
with the fleas who sting.
Over the mountains,
the Sun rose up,
the defuse forest
kept the fear up.
Hidden animals
in their holes for life,
never sow a day
like the poor Sun’s light.
Never waited for a command
from above to be told.
Life of my forest
“JUNGLE” is called.

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