First sight / Poem by Myriam Ghezaïl Ben Brahim

Poem by Myriam Ghezaïl Ben Brahim
First sight
You arrived so quickly
Like a blink of an eye
And it was at that moment
That the threads were tied
That tie me to your life
Giving me so many desires.
You arrived so quickly
Like a dazzle
So beautiful and so fragile
A very moving moment
Tight and trembling heart
I was like a child.
You arrived so quickly
That I forgot all my words
Your look, your smile
Immediately pierced me
All my being already
Called for you without a break or rest.
You arrived so quickly
And I couldn’t believe it
You were so present
And so disturbing at the same time
That my soul gushed out
So great was my joy
You arrived so quickly
Today you live near me
© Myriam Ghezaïl Ben Brahim

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