Eliza Segiet (Poland)

Eliza Segiet (Poland)
Eliza Segiet graduated with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, completed postgraduate studies in Cultural Knowledge, Philosophy at Jagiellonian University.
Received Global Literature Guardian Award – from Motivational Strips, World Nations Writers Union and Union Hispanomundial De Escritores (UHE) 2018.
Nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2019 and 2021.
Laureate Naji Naaman Literary Prize 2020.
Laureate International Award Paragon of Hope (2020).
Laureate World Award 2020 Cesar Vallejo for Literary Excellence.
Laureate of the Special Jury Sahitto International Award 2021
Laureate World Award Premiul Fănuș Neagu 2021.
Finalist Golden Aster Book World Literary Prize 2020.
It is in the last stage of an international competition Mili Dueli 2020.
We won’t drive away on Great Dipper
– it’s not possible!
We won’t swim away
on still not found Noah’s Ark.
Rescue the future.
Let the snow and glimmers
of faraway and nearby lands.
Let’s leave the glaciers
– to our descendants
– to the creatures living there
– to our world. Our world!
For heaven not to grow silent,
prepare yourself for life
in submission to nature.
Then, for bereavement
there may no longer be time and place.
Right now you still meet people
and those,
who already know whom and how they harm.
By forgetting about others
– we lose ourself.
We wound places,
which we should tend to.
It’s not enough for us to destroy air, water,
we managed to anchor to the heaven’s vault,
from space debris
to create a horseless chariot.
Circling the orbit
– not for delighting
– but to threaten.
Don’t we all experience
effects of human’s thoughtlessness?
It’s time to take reign over chaos
on Earth and in Heaven.
Some persons are privy to
the ozone hole also being a human’s creation,
there are few who know,
that it’s time to say
The pier
Once unspoiled,
already fed with the plastic islands
prompt to reflection.
The sea turtles, fish
should they swim amid
leaves behind one’s self
a reckless landlord?
To think is:
– to forsee
– to see
– to sense.
To keep
water, earth, air
in the appropriate lordiness.
The care belongs to us,
so that the beautiful world
wasn’t stamped into oblivion,
wasn’t saturated with distaste.
Through the pier, between
the delight with nature
and its destruction,
should be the mind.
Translated by Ula de B

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