Graffiti of Love / Poem by Jennifer Spagnol & Suchismita Ghoshal

Poem by Jennifer Spagnol & Suchismita Ghoshal
Graffiti of Love
The gift of love is like a flower plant
A daisy, tulip or a rose
You have to water, love and nurture it
For it to beautifully grow.
And when you look love in the face
You can’t resist a cuddle, a kiss or a hug
Just like a flower in its full bloom
You don’t resist holding it up.
You smell the lovely perfume it emits.
You feel the beauty in your heart
And love grows much in the same way
you care and cherish, never want to part.
You communicate with the mild breeze
More like summer evening breeze, soothing
You feel the soft touch of his lips in yours
Slowly harnessing all your fantasies.
Morning seems nicer, bouncy, full of freshness
While your nights are starry, sparkling
With the memories you’ve always been proud of
And having been sleepless with the hopes of love.
The charm of teen-age days still lures you,
Camouflaged with the dazzling shenanigans
Secrets, love letters, hookups and heartbreaks
You never knew life moves, with magnificent tides.
Jennifer Spagnol
Ever since she learned the magic of reading, Jennifer couldn’t get enough books to satisfy her urge to read, and from her early years she started writing short stories and poems.
Born in Birkirkara, Malta to a loving family with 3 brothers and a sister, Jennifer led a joyful childhood. She is now married to Emanuel with two sons, David and Johann, and living in Vittoriosa.
Jennifer Spagnol writes stories for children as well as for adults, and she also writes poetry. In 2006 she wrote the lyrics for a symphonic poem in memory of her parents Andrew & Margaret Cortis, for which her husband Emanuel composed the music for the band, titled ‘Karba’, which was highly acclaimed when performed. Her first book, a collection of short stories, was published in 2012. Since then she has written many more books for children, of which some of them are in primary schools. Her new novel Isabelle was also translated by herself to the English language.
Jennifer achieved 2 diplomas, one in Novel Writing and another writing for children from the Centre of Excellence, London. The second one with distinction.
It is Jennifer’s dream to keep on writing and publishing.
Suchismita Ghoshal 
Author Suchismita Ghoshal hails from West Bengal, India. At the age of 23, she has been continuously leaving her footprints in the contemporary literary world. She is an widely published author, internationally reputed bilingual poet, spoken word poet, professional writer, content writer, editor and critic, translator (Bengali, English), performer, communicator and literary influencer. She’s been invited to many international festivals and open mics. Her awards, accolades and achievements not only inspire her more to write but also to influence her through the kindness of her words. Her solo books “Fields of Sonnet”, “Emotions & Tantrums” & “Poetries in Quarantine” are available on Amazon website.

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