Theodora Koufopoulou –Iliopoulou (Greece)

Theodora Koufopoulou –Iliopoulou (Greece)
The Greek poetess , MrsTheodora Koufopoulou Iliopoulou, was born in Spathari, an Arcadian village in Peloponnese.
After High School, she was appointed as an Administrative Officer at IKA or EOPY(National Organisation ofHealth Services).
She envisions a better world from a very young age. She writes poems, short stories, essays, and articles. Her works of art have been awarded in Panhellenic competitions domestically and abroad. She has been named as a polyphonic priested of art.
Her work has been published in anthologies, in the daily press, literary magazines, in the Encyclopedia of Harris Patsis, and poetry diaries. Many of her poems have been translated into English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabian, Chinese, Russian, and Hindi (Bengali).
The poetess is a member of the International Society of Greek Writers (DEEL) and the Association of Historical Writers. She has published ten poetry collections and two folklore. Her poem with the title ‘Woman of the Earth, the Jewel’ took the 2nd award from the magazine Kelaino and it was recited in the Greek Parliament on International Women’s Day.
Occult secret
Ah, love, Love
I crossed deserts.
I climbed mountains.
I traveled seas .
In order to find you.
Daughter of the star,
Your fairy-fingers
They opened
the gate οf my heart
And you expelled
the winter.
Ah, Glory of love
Light of beauty
God’s reflection
Song of my soul .
Occult secret
That the stars hold it .
Wash your ego
Clothe yourself in Magnificence.
Be the joy of the embittered
the support of the helpless.
Lash tj\he unjust.
Let a child beat you.
and remain a child. yourself
Thus you beat time.

Translated into English by Antonios Zalonis

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